In things tutorial we will introduce ESP32, the newest line of ESP modules from expressif systems. I had some time over the weekend to play with ESP32 and it is fantastic much more powerful than ESP8266 chipset.

ESP32 Overview:  ESP32 is what I would call as a Hybrid IoT Chip, it has WiFi and Bluetooth build in  with a powerful processor with upto240 Mhz Clocking, which is more than enough for any IoT applications

We will use Arduino IDE with ESP32 and add in DTH11 Temperature and Humidity Senor and connect to, which is I call marriage made is heaven because it covers sensors, programming and cloud part.


before you begin, make sure you have the following things ready

1. ESP32 Board : Mostly you would have brought ESP32-dev module

2. DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

3. Active account on

Also ensure that you have good WiFi connection.


I have made a video tutorial of around 10 minutes, if you have all the above pre-requisitics covered, is should be fairly easy to do this.


ESP32 Arduino code is hosted here…

Things you need to change

  1. New time server needs to be added ( details in the video)

2. WiFi SSID & Password

3. Device ID ( you will get it from your account project page )

4. Authorization token ( again this will be available from your account )


If the ESP32 tutorial goes well, then you should have the screen like below

ESP32 Arduino Dashboard

You can configure further with the way you want it.

would love to hear how the tutorial went.

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